Media and Aerial Photography

Production Support

  • Toyota Car Drop 2014
  • Sprint Commercial 2013
  • Myth Busters (several episodes)
  • Dropped Scooters (Yamaha)
  • Smashed Car Frames (Infiniti)
  • Hauled Flying Saucers (CofS)
  • Delivered Elephants (Disneyland)
  • Wind Machine for Disaster Flick (TBN) Sky Surfing Platform (MTV)
  • Multiple Car Commercials
  • Delivered crews/equipment to remote sites
  • Story ship for Airwolfe (3 episodes)
  • Story ships for war movies
  • Story ship for Hot Shots II

Partial Credits

Zoetrope Studios
20th century Fox
Poltergeist Productions
Universal Pictures
Lucas Films
Starlight Productions
Paramount Pictures
Sony/Columbia Pictures

ABC Nightline
QAS Productions
Plum Productions
NRG Studios
Sign Board Hill Productions
Los Angeles Video Productions
Storm Film Productions
Bunim/Murray Productions
Media Production Group

Brentwood Pictures TAM Productions
Atlanta Olympics for US Post Office
Los Angeles Olympics
ABC News & Sports
NBC News & Sports
CBS News & Sports
Little Caesar’s Pizza
Federal Express

Dirty Harry
Broken Arrow
Munhwa Communication/Korea
Genesis Video
RSA Productions/England
Cristo’s Running Fence
Wolf Child/David Jannsen
Black Lion Productions
Numerous Car Commercials