Heavy Lift Operations

Our team of experienced ground crew and pilots work together to rig, lift and place items with amazing precision in just a matter of minutes. We can lift just about anything from HVAC equipment to the top of high rise buildings to spas into residential backyards, septic tanks, water tanks, automobiles, palm trees, communication poles, light poles, plane wrecks, cell cabinets, fencing material, concrete, steel, rock net, etc…

Why use an Aerial Crane vs. Conventional Crane?

• A helicopter can do the job faster, saving you time and money in labor costs.
• There are no hourly minimums and no charges for set-up times.
• We are competitive with conventional cranes and are often cheaper.
• We have a fleet in both the San Francisco and the Los Angeles areas making it practical to use a helicopter anywhere in California and the surrounding states.

With our variety of helicopters, we are able to match the right ship with the job.
Smaller loads = smaller helicopters = lower costs.

With our experienced pilots and crews we are able to get most jobs done quickly. Each pick usually takes only minutes.
Safety is always our first priority!